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The senior package is essential for students who want detailed help with the final parts of the college admissions process, as well as an assessment of their academic and extracurricular profile in order to refine the list of colleges they are considering.

In this package, we will provide the following:

Application review:

  • Feedback to strengthen the application

  • Ensure thematic consistency between application, essays, and résumé

  • Help the student present himself or herself in the best possible light 


Essay review:

The personal essay and college supplemental essays will help admissions get to know the student better. We will offer commentaries on students’ essays and during my review, I will offer suggestions regarding subjects, tone, clarity, and structure. During each session I will:

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Review completed essay drafts


College visit preparation:

We provide help and advice in preparing you for students’ college visits, pointing out elements to look for and useful questions to ask; and will help interpret the information the student receives and assist in evaluating his or her experience during the tour. 



At the end of the process, you may have several options from which to choose. We will assist you with the evaluation of what you have learned during this journey, and weigh your options so that you can make the most appropriate decision.

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