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  • What’s different about working with you as my counselor?
    We help students identify their interests and find opportunities to pursue and express these interests through extracurricular activities and academic planning. We guide and support students throughout their college application process. Academic Life Coaching methods are embedded within the sessions to help students develop positive life skills and gain the necessary tools to thrive in any kind of environment.
  • When is the ideal time to begin working with a College Counselor?
    The best time to begin is when the student is ready to become engaged in the process. This can take place anytime between middle school and the fall of junior year. In this way, students are ready to commit and prepare themselves for their college applications. An obvious advantage of starting early is giving the student more time to develop and pursue a curriculum, activities, and passions that are consistent with their goals.
  • Why should I consider hiring a College Counselor?
    Admission to selective private and state universities has become increasingly competitive. At the same time, many school-based counselors are overburdened. Given these complexities, many families find that a private counselor improves their options and reduces stress by delivering timely insight, objectivity, strategic advice, and an organized process.
  • Can we use your services if we cannot meet in-person?
    Yes, this is not a problem! We can work with you remotely via ZOOM, FaceTime or WhatsApp. We have been working with American and International students remotely long before the pandemic.
  • What types of students work with a College Counselor?
    All types. We seek to learn all about the student to help him or her find the right-fit school. Based on your interests, abilities, aspirations and achievements, we will work with you to develop a personalized plan for a higher education that is right for you.
  • How many hours will I need to work with my counselor?
    The time needed for high school planning and the college process is different for every student and family. Contact me so we can determine how many hours you and your family may require.
  • What is your fee?
    We offer a comprehensive, individual, and customized program for each student. Fees can vary depending on when you begin using our services and your needs. We do our very best to accommodate students' and his or her needs and provide multiple options for payment.
  • What is a right-fit college?
    Through various surveys and assessment, we help students find the college where they will thrive academically, socially and financially. Our work focuses on meeting students’ needs by assessing their interests, goals and aspirations. Through the sessions, students will be prompted with just the right questions to help them reflect and make decisions on which colleges they should include on their list.
  • How do you help the student develop his or her list of right-fit colleges?
    Based on student’s specific interests, academic performance, preferences (e.g. academic programs, location, size, student life, athletics, activities, affordability) personal needs, and leveraging a broad knowledge of colleges and universities throughout the USA, we work with you to develop and fine-tune an appropriate college list.
  • What is Academic Life Coaching?
    Through the Academic Life Coaching sessions, students will learn how to become more confident academically and how to take the right steps towards achieving their goals while also acquiring leadership and communication skills. This program aims to reduce stress, improve relationships with parents, peers, and teachers, and create an individualized plan for applying to college.
  • Why are college visits important?
    There is no better way for students to learn about a college than when they visit. I encourage my students to visit as many types of colleges as they can, so they can compare a variety of factors: small versus a large school, a college located in a big city versus a college located in a suburb, a liberal arts college versus a college that will prepare a student for a specific career. While visiting colleges, students have the opportunity to meet with current students, faculty members, and professors. Upon their return, they will be able to reflect on their experiences so they can craft a well-balanced college list. Due to the pandemic, I have helped many students find multiple ways to connect with colleges virtually.
  • What do holistic admissions mean?
    Colleges are looking for applicants with intellectual curiosity, leadership skills, and ways they will contribute to their campuses. So, when colleges evaluate students, they are looking at a variety of factors including GPA, test scores, activities, range of interests, hobbies, essays, teacher recommendations, internship experience, and summer programs.
  • Do you coach for interviews?
    Coaching for interviews, which includes helping students develop compelling narratives, is part of the Academic Life Coaching sessions. Through mock interviews, students will have the opportunity to practice answering questions to prepare for their interviews. Students will have access to a variety of resources and tools as well. We also help students compose their high school resumes which can be useful for interviews as well as for college and scholarship applications.
  • How can you assist with application essays?
    We have a good sense of what individual colleges are looking for when reading student essays. We can assists with brainstorming, content selection, structure, and editing. We help my students develop interesting and well-written essays that reveal insight on students’ unique character traits and personality.

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