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Some transfer students know exactly where they want to apply; others have no idea. With insightful expertise in all aspects of the college admissions process, we help transfer students determine multiple right-fit colleges. The process starts with meeting the student, where we take the time to help identify his or her future goals and what he or she wants out of college.

Once we understand what is important to the student, together we will determine and research multiple right-fit colleges to meet his or her needs. 

The Transfer Student program:

  • Provide a specific plan for the transfer process focused on the student’s particular interests and needs

  • Identifying personal interests paired with college majors exploration

  • Provide an organizing session to establish admission requirements and set a timeline

  • Preparation for admissions interviews (as needed)

  • Guidance on how and when to secure letters of recommendation

  • Assistance with writing, revising, and perfecting effective personal statements 

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