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During a student’s junior year, we will provide a thorough description of the admissions process, including an evaluation of a student’s transcript and extracurricular activities and a standardized testing plan. 

Meeting with us for guidance and support will empower the student and help him or her develop a competitive edge when preparing for college admission. Each student will get an individualized plan, focusing on defining a “balanced college list,” and effective ways to present himself or herself to colleges.

Academic assessment:

  • Evaluate and interpret a student’s academic record from the perspective of a college admissions committee

  • Pinpoint academic areas where a student will benefit from additional support 

  • Select remaining high school courses to provide students with a fulfilling schedule of challenging and exciting classes

  • Formulate a plan to help the student maintain a good level of performance and improve high school record


  • Evaluate and help shape a student’s extracurricular activities to highlight the student’s passion, meaningful commitment, and impact

  • Identify leadership roles and unique opportunities to enrich a student’s life and help the student distinguish themselves in the college application process

  • Collaborate with the student to plan and implement a unique extracurricular project to showcase initiative, leadership, interests, organization skills, and community impact

  • Create a résumé to showcase student achievements (submitted with college applications)

  • Recommend summer activities that focus on a student’s future and enhance his or her college admissions profile

Testing Calendar

  • Establish a standardized testing schedule and tutoring plan for SAT, and ACT based on a student’s previous test scores and college goals


College list and visit calendar:

  • Evaluate a student’s academic and career goals

  • Develop college specifications focused on the academic environment, college size, location, social life, special interests, finances, religion – and much more

  • Build a well-balanced list of right-fit colleges

  • Provide a list of informative resources to help students research colleges

  • Identify and create a college visit plan

  • Learn what to look for and prepare for college visits


Letters of recommendation:

  • Identify the junior-year teachers a student should ask for college recommendations

  • Learn how to approach and build healthy relationships with teachers 


Interview preparation:

  • Prepare a student for on-campus and alumni interviews as well as local meetings with admissions officers

  • Role-play to practice real interview questions and informative responses to ensure a great interview every time​

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