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Getting started with college planning as early as freshman or sophomore year is an ideal way to help position a student for success – both in high school as well as in college admissions! 

An early start will maximize a student’s high school experience, both academic and extracurricular, giving him or her a more competitive edge when applying to college. Our comprehensive services ensure the student’s academic and extracurricular programs will lead to a successful college application process.

Early planning and guidance:

  • Create a plan for high school coursework and a uniquely tailored extracurricular project to showcase initiative, leadership, interests, organization skills, and community impact

  • Ensure each student takes full advantage of course offerings in high school, and in some instances, consider academic opportunities outside of school

  • Pinpoint any academic weaknesses and make suggestions for improvement

  • Recommend extracurricular activities to help a student find his or her passion and shape his or her outside interests to provide a clear focus on the future

  • Identify and plan meaningful and productive summer opportunities that support college and career goals

  • Begin to organize future testing schedule and college visits to avoid the last-minute scramble​

The freshman and sophomore packages also include:

  • Organize a long-range testing calendar and tutoring plan and preparation for the PSAT, SAT, Subject Tests, ACT, and AP exams 

  • Identify college visits that will help fine-tune the college list, clarify college goals, and improve chances for admission and prepare a family to gain the most from each college visit

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